19th November 2012

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Who doesn't love a unique holiday present? →

Here’s my Etsy shop - feel free to look around! Happy Holidays!!!!

11th September 2012

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Scenes from the trail at sunset

I want to go back. I’m ok with these shots, but I feel like I can do better. I felt off - rushed? Something. I need to beat that feeling and prove that I can do better - more. Here’s hoping I find the time! 

29th July 2012

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These curls…

29th July 2012

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Pretty Flowers on a Walk

28th July 2012

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Fun at the Fair (Racine County, WI).

20th July 2012

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19th July 2012

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Walk Away

The hardest thing for me to remember is to just walk away. After a photo session I eagerly upload and starting filing through the shots. Except the session is always too fresh in my head. I remember too well what I was going for instead of simply working with what is in front of me. I know it’s important to look at what I wanted and what I got as a learning experience, a “what to do different next time” approach. But if I focus on that too quickly, I chalk the pictures in front of me up as shit. I can’t do that. I need to take a break. Focus myself back to life for a little while. Know that after a night’s sleep I can look and edit. But first….walk away. 

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17th July 2012

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My Etsy account has been updated! →

1st July 2012

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23rd June 2012

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